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Can you Vibrate your Way to Bone Health?

 By | November 19, 2020 | No Comments
 Category: Exercise General Wellness

Bone health is so important. And yet, as fast as we make bone, we can lose it even faster as we age. By the time most men reach age 45, they may be losing as much as .75% of bone mass per year. In women, bone density and strength starts to decline in the mid-30s and by the time women reach menopause, they may lose about 30% of their bone density.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take, such as vibration!

Whole body vibration (WBV) was first developed in India and then passed onto the Greeks to improve overall functioning. More recently, it was used by the Russians to rehabilitate astronauts who may have lost muscle and bone mass during space missions. Now, however, it’s embraced by many sports medicine clinics and fitness facilities and gaining widespread popularity as a strategy for improving leg muscle strength (and by default, balance and mobility) among adults as they age. Yet, research shows that it may also reduce the odds of bone loss.

In a study in the Journal of Osteoporosis, just 20 minutes of intermittent vibration three times a week (one minute on, one minute rest) at low frequency, low magnitude resulted in significant and clinically meaningful declines – by as much as 34.6% – in a primary marker for bone resorption (i.e. the breakdown of bone by bone cells). Moreover? The study participants already had issues with bone health, having been diagnosed with osteoporosis, fractures or osteoarthritis.

As always, there is no time like the present to get moving on exercise and bone health awareness. When we reach our mid-30s, our bone mass peaks. After that? The stats are stacked against us without some sort of self-intervention.

Positive vibration? You bet!



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