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Healthy Diet


We all know that eating a healthy diet plays an important role in our lives. Making smart choices in our food selections can help reduce your risk of certain diseases and impact your energy levels and ability to stay active and alert. Clearly Americans are getting enough to eat, but the obesity rate proves we are not always eating the right foods to nourish our bodies.

The good news: It's never too late to benefit from getting back on the right track.

A recent study shows that dietary and other healthy lifestyle changes later in life can have a big impact on reducing the risks of heart disease. The key is to keep it simple and to take that first small step by discovering where you are falling off the desired path. My Wellness Scorecard is the perfect place to start. The interactive tool will provide you with tips on ways to improve your diet. You also will find helpful information in our Facts About Food section as well as the links below to helpful articles. So don't put it off another second, just click My Wellness Scorecard and get back on track to living a healthier life.

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