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Tennis Player

If you want to increase your brain power, get a psychological boost, and even boost your immune system, then it's time to get some exercise. Numerous studies show that being physically active can go a long way toward helping to strengthen you heart, lower your blood pressure, stimulate your immune system and keep your bones in good shape. But the benefits associated with exercise go beyond physical health: being physically fit can help you look fit and trim, also increase your energy, boost self esteem and even help improve your mood.

The great news is exercise doesn't have to be a burden or boring. In fact, one of the best ways to ensure you're staying fit is to find some kind of physical activity that you actually enjoy. There are lots of different choices. My Wellness Scorecard is the perfect place to start. This interactive tool will show you how you are doing in regards to the recommended levels of daily exercise and offer tips on ways to improve. You might also look over our fitness factoids or find an article or two on simple ways to create an effective fitness program. So don't put it off another second, just click My Wellness Scorecard and start living a healthier life today.

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