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Power of a Personal Mantra

 By | November 26, 2020 | 22 Comments
 Category: Healthy Diet

When I first started meditating I mocked the notion of a mantra.

A lot.

I thought the whole idea was silly, contrived and sort of pretentious.

And then I (finally) began my morning meditation practice and quickly learned a mantra was the one thing that tamed my monkey mind.

Try as I might to quiet my thoughts the only way I could focus and empty my head was through chanting a phrase. A mantra.

Flash forward to motherhood.

While I didn’t mock the ‘hood as I had the mantra, I definitely entered this phase of life less prepared than I could have been.

I had zero clue parenting one tiny human would be as stressful as it was and I quickly saw I possessed few skills for self-soothing in this new situation.

I was overwhelmed and felt I had only two options: fall apart or fall back on what I already knew worked to calm me.

I knew this personal mantra would be different from my meditation mantra (I needed this one to soothe yet energize me) and still, in a small way, be the same.

A group of words capable of creating transformation. A snippet of phrase that empowered me to create the life I desired.

The profound difference with my new, personal mantra was it reminded me I could make it through challenging moments.

My first personal mantra was pretty self-explanatory: You got this.

It perfectly worked in all situations (colic, teething, colic, lack of sleep, colic, etc.) — until it didn’t any longer.

My daughter grew. I went back to work. Our lives were still hectic and at times stressful, but the type of frazzle had changed.

It was then I realized personal mantras need to be fluid.

You got this no longer worked. I needed more and I needed different.

My new personal mantra originated from my yoga practice. It’s a reminder for me to breathe into challenging situations and not to fight them. Its repetition-reminder no matter how challenging a moment in life may feel it isn’t forever.

My new personal mantra is: It’s just a hard pose.

Many days I use it more than I’d like. All days I’m grateful I have it at the ready to carry me through stressful periods.

Personal mantras are highly personal (hence the name, huh?) but there are three tips I offer when asked how I created mine.

1. Make it a phrase you’d actually say/use. No stilted, Shakespearean language unless that’s how you speak on a daily basis. Slang, etc. is welcomed.
2. Make it positive. Use positive phrasing (I’m a rockin’ mom instead of I won’t yell at my kids) makes all the difference.
3. Use your mantra consistently. Unlike some things which, when overused, lose efficacy personal mantras grow more powerful from use.

Do you rely on a personal mantra? How has it worked for you?

Are you now sparked to create your own? What might your words or phase be?



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22 thoughts on “Power of a Personal Mantra

Jody - Fit at 55 says:

YES, you make me want to think of a mantra &; even try this meditation again - just never was able to get it BUT I think maybe now is the time like my bday post - 55 is the beginning of the rest of my life! Maybe too long for a mantra but I will figure it out!




Andrea says:

I LOVE mantras!! I’m like you- it’s the only thing that will clear my head! I say things like, “I can’t, you can, please do” when I feel like I’m talking to spirit/god/whomever. Or I say “I release fear”. It brings so much peace




Angela @ happy fit mama says:

I’m still in the “you got this” phase! Hopefully moving on to a new mantra soon although potty training is here.




misszippy says:

I want to be a mantra person, but have yet to make the concerted effort. Thanks for the great tips!




Nicole says:

I’ve kind of taken over my mom’s personal mantra of “follow your heart”. it’s gotten me thru a lot and helped me make some pretty hard decisions!




Lisa @ RunWiki says:

I completely believe in and use my mantra daily. It’s a way to release the negative thoughts and bring in a positive… instant power.




Barbara says:

Some days we’re the windshield, some days we’re the bug.

When the day is tough, I pray a little more, look for what I CAN fix and give the rest to God.




Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

OMG I LOVE your current mantra - it’s just a hard pose << Yes!! I say this a lot to myself during yoga (like all the time?) and it really does help. I hadn't thought of taking some of those aspects of my yoga practice out to my daily life. I used to mock the personal mantra so so much but I am finding more comfort and power in them.




Roxie says:

I just posted about my new one “stay in today” or S.I.T. I’ll use it to keep me from spinning off into the future somewhere. My other one, when feeling less-than whatever, is “I am enough”. The LP version is “I am enough just standing still”. Helps me to realize that my self-worth is not performance-based.




Katie - Moms Little Running Buddy says:

I love mantras! I think you’re so right about them being fluid but above all, I’ve had one that has stuck…”Make it worth it” .

It reminds me that whatever I’m doing, to give it my all and it make it worth the effort.




Michelle @ Eat Move Balance says:

Love it. And I love the simplicity and powerfulness of your mantra.




Crabby McSlacker says:

I too mocked mantras and affirmation and now I’m finding them incredibly helpful! I have several, and they are so sappy and weird i’m not even gonna share them. But they really help!




Fancy Nancy says:

Love it!!! Mine this year has been “Finish what you’ve started”




Tamara says:

I love how your mantras don’t really seem like mantras! Motivational sayings and affirmations somehow don’t ring true for me.

I do notice that I have some negative phrases that I use during times of stress. On my to do list? Turn them around!

Thanks for a great post!




Elle says:

I have a running mantra but have never used one while meditating… will give it some thought. Thanks!




Kierston says:

YOU GOT THIS . I say this a lot. It’s positive and it pushes me beyond what I think possible for myself




Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says:

Great post! Mantras mean so much…just put the phrase WIN THE DAY on my hubby new shoes-transferable to so many part of life!




addy says:

is working for me right now. I was literally holding my breath for some dang reason.




Sheryl says:

I like your YouGotThis mantra - think I’ll try it for myself! Makes anything possible.




Cheryl says:

Mantras- REAL mantras are not to be shared. They are given. And kept to oneself. Have had one since the 70s and have told no one. To shout out a mantra is to lessen it’s effectiveness and reason for it.




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