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Nurse Practitioners

Personal Usage

95 percent of nurse practitioners personally use dietary supplements.

Top Reasons for Consumption

Overall health/wellness 54%
Bone health 52%
Fill nutrition gaps 37%
Heart health 26%
Digestive health 22%

Overall Recommendations

96 percent of nurse practitioners recommend supplements to their patients.

Among those who take supplements, 97 percent of nurse practitioners recommend them and 87 percent of those who are not supplement users still recommend them to their patients.

Top Reasons for Recommending

Bone health 65%
Overall health/wellness benefits 49%
Fill nutrition gaps 45%
Women's health 42%
Joint health 39%


For more information about the Year I, Year II and Year III study results, visit the "Life…supplemented" News Room or Contact Us.

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Top Dietary Supplements Taken



Vitamin D

Vitamin C

Vitamin B/B Complex

Omega 3/Fish Oil