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Three Pillars of Health and Seven Social Media Experts Equal a Perfect 10 in Wellness!

Life…supplemented adds new wellness blogger to Social Media Advisory Board

WASHINGTON, D.C., FEBRUARY 17, 2020 - The "Life...supplemented" campaign today announced the addition of a new Social Media Advisory Board member - fitness expert Carla Birnberg, a.k.a. MizFitOnline. The board, formed just over a year ago, helps guide the campaign's social media initiatives which are designed to motivate Americans to make the three pillars of health - a healthy diet, dietary supplements, and regular exercise - an integral part of their daily wellness regimen.  In addition, the Social Media Advisory Board is instrumental in engaging consumers in the "Life...supplemented" Wellness Challenge, multiple initiatives spanning the critical first few months of the New Year to support and encourage Americans to live a healthier lifestyle.

Carla, an AlphaWELL, is an award-winning writer, community-builder, personal trainer, and bodybuilding competitor. A blogger for various outlets since 2001, she eventually launched MizFitOnline in 2007 to share her health and fitness knowledge with those who might not have access to one-on-one training. As a result of her online personality and background in counseling, Carla was identified by Entrepreneur.com as one of 10 individuals who exemplify the ability to create a strong personal brand. When asked what motivates her to be well, Carla stated, "My daughter; I'm not a young mother and I'm determined not to feel like an old mother." She added "Many mornings it's the thought of her asking me to run and play, which keeps me firmly trudging down my healthy living path."

"We have been so pleased with the advice and support from the ‘Life...supplemented' Social Media Advisory Board, and are pleased to add a new board member to help the campaign continue to develop stronger engagement in the social space," said Judy Blatman, senior vice president, communications, Council for Responsible Nutrition, who oversees the "Life...supplemented" campaign.  "We're thrilled to now have seven influencers in the health and wellness space as partners and counselors to the campaign. We believe their support to be vital to the campaign's success."

Also, returning to the Social Media Advisory Board for the second consecutive year, are well-respected bloggers and wellness experts Jenn Fowler, Sheryl Kraft, Andrea Metcalf, Danielle Omar, Liz Scherer, and Cascia Talbert. These experts have great fitness advice to offer other busy women in search of a consistent wellness regimen.

Jenn Fowler, author of Frugal Upstate, a founding member of the "Walmart Moms" and a WannabeWELL, admits that she has fallen off the Wellness bandwagon-which many working moms can relate to-but is determined to recommit to her health. She said, "In the last year I have been very poor at exercising, because my work has kept me mostly sedentary in front of the computer.  Recently I have recommitted myself to exercise and have a goal of working out a minimum of three times a week; preferably more."

Sheryl Kraft, a WELL, and avid vitamin taker also added her wellness tips for busy women on-the-go. She said, "Make proper nutrition and exercise ‘non-negotiable.' You have to put yourself first in this regard: it's not selfish, it's selfless, because without your health you are no good to yourself or anyone else." She continued "my primary motivation for staying well is to be energetic; look and feel as good as I can; be disease-free; and live a life where I am healthy enough to participate in any activity I want to-in other words, to have nothing to stop me!"

Andrea Metcalf, an AlphaWELL, a certified personal trainer and the author of "Naked Fitness" exercises every day for a minimum of 10 minutes. When asked about her number one fitness recommendation, Andrea said, "If there's a choice between the dishes, picking up toys, making beds and getting a workout in; then let some of the chores go." She adds, "You don't have to leave the house to do it either-even simple paper plates can be a great tool to use in your workout."

Danielle Omar, a WELL, a busy working mom, and a registered dietitian in private practice, offers good advice for today's busy consumer-never skip on vitamins, eat at home whenever possible, and "avoid getting too hungry." When asked what her primary motivation for wellness is, she said, "being a good role model for my family and friends."

Liz Scherer, a WELL, multivitamin taker, health reporter, social media consultant, blogger and women's health advocate; has a wealth of knowledge to share. She believes that women should keep moving; get up from their desks; go the gym and take the stairs. When asked what drives her wellness she stated, "I want to look and feel my best every day, especially as I grow older. Exercise and a healthy diet are ingrained in my personality."

Cascia Talbert, also a WELL, and a busy mom of five, believes that parents should take time for just for them.  She states, "Sometimes we get so caught up with our careers, kids and family life that we forget about what is most important; you. If you are not well, you will not be able to take care of the people you love."

"Life...supplemented" encourages Americans to get started on the path to wellness and learn more about their wellness archetype-AlphaWELL, WELL, WannaBeWELL or OhWELL-by taking My Wellness Scorecard, a fast, free online quiz that provides consumers with a baseline assessment of their wellness in each of the three pillars of health: healthy diet + supplements + exercise.  Consumers can also get updates and the join the discussion with "Life...supplemented" on Facebook and Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/wannaBwell).

About "Life...supplemented":

"Life... supplemented" is a consumer wellness campaign dedicated to driving awareness about the mainstream use of dietary supplements as an integral part of a proactive personal wellness regimen that combines healthy diet, supplements and exercise. The campaign is managed by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the leading trade association for the dietary supplement industry, under its affiliated 501(c)(3), the CRN Foundation. The dietary supplement category includes products such as vitamins, minerals, botanicals, sports nutrition, weight management and specialty supplements. More than 150 million Americans use these products each year to promote and maintain good health. Find out more about AlphaWELLs, WELLs, WannabeWELLs and OhWELLs by clicking on My Wellness Scorecard at http://www.lifesupplemented.org/.